What is MDVIP?​

With some practices having 1800-3000 patients per physician, it can often feel as though you’re being undervalued and overcharged. MDVIP was designed by innovative primary care doctors as a membership-based health care plan. It offered a better way to provide elite level preventive care while maintaining the personalized attention each patient deserves. No need to feel rushed by your doctor – simply sit down one-on-one and talk about all your health concerns.

Here at Northeast Primary, we offer memberships to join our MDVIP affiliated physician, Dr. Patton. Your annual membership fee ensures that you get dedicated service and an in-depth annual visit – compete with labs, screenings, and testing that are often not covered by standard insurance benefits. Additionally, you’ll receive a comprehensive, detailed, wellness plan that is created just for you. Welcome to the world of dedicated, personalized care.

The Difference



Membership Benefits​

Wellness Program

We specialize in preventive care here at Northeast Primary. Each year, Dr. Patton will take you through the MDVIP wellness program - making sure you receive comprehensive, advanced health screenings and tests that have been shown to help detect health issues earlier.


Between the missed workdays, deductibles, and copays - an illness can set you back financially. With Dr. Patton’s focus on preventive care and wellness, we’re here to minimize hospital visits and reduce your risks of expensive chronic conditions.

Our Doctor

Dr. Patton is the only MDVIP-affiliated primary care doctor in the Northeast Houston, KAH area. With over 27 years of experience, she has dedicated her time to focus on your unique health needs. Whatever lifestyle changes need to be made, Dr. Patton is here for you.


Included with your MDVIP membership is a personal access to the member website. It will allow you to view your wellness information anytime, anywhere. In addition, you have access to exercise videos, workout programs, and 28-day meal plans (and recipes) - everything you need to maintain your health.

Reach Dr. Patton 24/7

As part of the MDVIP membership, you’re able to contact Dr. Patton after hours. Whether it’s a holiday, weekend, or after office hours, you will be able to get in touch with your dedicated primary care physician. Experience the full level of care.

Family Plan and Travel Benefits

Your health should be priority. Whether you’re flying for a business trip or out camping with the family, you will have access to appropriate care. If you need urgent healthcare while traveling, Dr. Patton can help arrange your care with local doctor.

Medical Centers of Excellence

If you require highly specialized care, MDVIP has you covered. Through MDVIP’s Medical Centers of Excellence program, Dr. Patton can connect you with the appropriate team of specialists at some of the country’s leading medical institutions.

Condition Management

As a MDVIP affiliate, Dr. Patton offers more time to focus on your chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, and arthritis. We understand it can be difficult (and sometimes expensive) to keep these conditions in check, therefore we dedicate our practice to helping you.