The Importance of a Primary Care Physician

As we age, our medical needs are ever changing. That’s why your doctors at Northeast Primary Care Associates in Humble, TX, emphasize the importance of a primary care physician. With the help of Dr. Eve Patton and Dr. Rebekah Baumgarner, you can manage your acute and chronic health concerns, be proactive about aging concerns, and receive screenings for diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Read on to learn how we create a caring medical home for patients of all ages!

What is a primary care physician?

Here at our Humble, TX, office, your doctors develop long-term relationships with each and every patient. They provide much-needed routine check-ups, cancer screenings, women’s healthcare, mental health checks, and so much more all in a safe, comfortable environment.

The advantages of having a medical home

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, regularly visiting a primary care physician carries a host of health benefits, including:

  • A decrease in hospital emergency room visits
  • Better management of your chronic health problems
  • Early discovery of potential health issues
  • Increased education on diet, exercise, vaccinations, supplements, and more

Additionally, research from the Cleveland Clinic says that people who have a primary care physician lose less time from school and work, and generally feel better about the services they receive.

Concierge care

Here at Northeast Primary Care Associates, we take the convenience and reliability of a primary care physician one step further by offering concierge medicine. Membership is paid quarterly, annually or biannually and can be paid by several mechanisms. We also offer Care Credit for some services. You are afforded same-day appointments, easy access by phone or email, and longer consultations with your doctor. Personalized attention is the priority!

Find out more

Want the finest go-to medical care in the Humble area? Then call the office team at Northeast Primary Care Associates! Our number is (281) 548-2627.

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